The world stretches like a dream
in which you weave words
and rhythms, in which you speak

of lost love; the courtyard
of a house around the bend
waits for you.

Ships sail out to vast seas.
You cross them to find work,
and happiness. Temple
bells ring in your absence. 

They ring for you even now
when forms, shapes, habitats
are erased. You wake from

dreams of long ago,
ancestral vaults in the sky.
Fold of paper and cloth
unwrap before you in scrolls.

Do you wish to become

Do you wish to float lights
placed in earthen bowls --
decorated with marigold knots,
in the river that fell from

the high heavens. Was held 
in check by the matted locks
of a blue throated god.

He swallowed the poison.
More is left in the cup. 
Do you want to be a Rishi?

The pale faced Dadichi, he 
who brought to earth 
the river of immortality so that 
men could live. 

Do you wish
to fashion a new creation?


© Lalita Pandit, August 8, 1998

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