Rahis Bharti :

"The music of Dhoad is a music of ecstasy"


   Rajasthan... there lives Indian Gypsies from ancient ages. Their music, their dances, their poetry have inspired many writers and artists of all kinds. Rahis Bharti is the leader of this group of Gypsies from Rajasthan called Dhoad, a group which is now well known all over Europe. Here are his answers to our qustions.

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  • IR : Rahis Bharti, could you first introduce yourself to our visitors ?

RB : I am Rahis Bharti belongs to Indian traditional family of musicians from Rajasthan, Tabla player and Director artistic of Dhoad Gypsies from  Rajasthan and Jaipur Maharaja Brass Band. After playing in different projects Routes of the Gypsies, International Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio I had represented India, Esma Redzepova Gypsy Queen from Macedonia, Flamenco Route from Spain, Sassa from Swiss, Different Corsican groupes, Cinquiso, Carmin Belgodere. After playing more than 500 Concerts around the world in last 7 Years, playing in 5 Continents, around 35 Countries.

  • IR : Who are the Dhoad ? Is it an ethnic concept, is it a jati, just the name of your group, what else ?

RB : Dhoad is the band Various maestros of musicians from Rajasthan. Dhoad is Created by Rahis Bharti six years before. Dhoad is Small Village in Rajasthan Where my Family is originated, my family ancestors was well known all around for there Music from seven generations, that why i wants to keep them alive by creating Dhoad, I selected all the best musicians from different small villages and cities from Rajasthan, and now we become traveller,  Dhoad is Known as Cultural Ambassadors of Rajasthan From Asia to Europe to North America, Dhoad is composed of Several castes of musicians from Rajasthan, poets, Troubadours, singers, harmonium, Jew harps, Tabla, Dholak, castagnettes, Dancers like Kalbeliya, teeratali, Fakir, eating the fires, dancing over the knives. Who brings with original instruments, voices, illusions, musical travelling to Rajasthan.

  • IR : What is the traditional daily life of Dhoad in Rajasthan ?

RB : Dhoad family and Musicians are based in Rajasthan, they always making different compositions, new creations with Fusions projects, while in Rajasthan and always teaching there art to children and making concerts.


  • IR : As artists, how would you explain what is the specificities of Dhoad ?

RB : The music of Dhoad is a music of ecstasy, of majestic climaxes, punctuated by the gentle gestures of breathtaking tunes. An authentic and magical experience. Dhoad brings to life the passion and epic heroism of their forefathers, and their harmonies transform the monotony of everyday life with the enchanting sounds of the desert.
   Close your eyes, and let the hypnotic rhythm of this exceptional group of musicians evoke the spirit of these mystical lands.

  • IR : What are the differences between Dhoad dances and classic Indian dances like Kathak or Bharata Natyam ?

RB : Dhoad Dancers are using Folk dance from Rajasthan as Kalbeliya, Teratali dance of temple from Great Saint Ramasa pire there spiritual God. in more traditional and in magnificent way.

  • IR : In which way can we say Dhoad music, dance, (poetry ?) are something spiritual ?

RB : Dhoad music is spiritual because there is heart inside, and love, passion, for us music is our life and prayer and we work as meditation by creating our own way musically rich and better and better.

  • IR : There are also Gypsies in Europe : have you contacts with them ? Do you feel any shared values, habits... with them ?

RB : Dhoad has already played different groups of Gypsies from Spain, Swiss, Czech, Macedonia, Romania, Italy etc, we did not speak the same language, not same countries, but in music we feel we are together they ways of singing dance and expressions.


  • IR : How do people in Europe react to your shows ?

RB : Dhoad’s shows are always bringing success, Dhoad is the group from Rajasthan who is programmed most important festivals, concerts, theatres, Nationals theatres, become as reference from Rajasthan.

  • IR : What are your plans for future ? Did you think about going to Reunion Island for a performance ?

RB : Dhoad is on Routes from Asia to North America nine Months in the year.
   Dhoad is Touring in Europe from April to December 2008.
   We have not been to Reunion Island, we would love to come for concerts.


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   You will find more informations on Dhoad's  website, at www.dhoad.com.
   Since the group is based in Corsica, this page is in French, but also in English, Italian, Spanish and German. There you can view pictures and get informations about the dates of Dhoad's tours in Europe. Another very interesting page is the one called "Album", from where you can download music and order the CD.


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