Abijith :

"the metal scene in India is starting to grow nowadays"


   Après avoir interviewé, il y a quelques mois, un groupe de rock originaire du Kerala, Motherjane, nous allons aujourd'hui à la rencontre d'une autre formation de rock indienne, qui nous vient de Chennai cette fois, et qui pratique un rock métal particulièrement âpre : Escher's Knot. Abijith, leader du groupe, a bien voulu répondre à nos questions.

Interview  -  Paroles : "Anonymous Origins"
Escher's Knot en Audio  -  Escher's Knot en vidéo


  • IR : Abijith, could you first introduce yourself to our readers, please ?

Abijith : Well, Folks I'm Abijith, I'm the vocalist of a Metal band called "Escher's Knot" From Chennai, INDIA.

  • IR : When and how did Escher's Knot start ? Why did you choose this name ?

Abijith : Escher's Knot started in like August 2009... MC Escher is an Artist and an Illusionist... One of his works is this knot, which does not have a starting or an ending point. We believe our songs are inspired to  his complicated works. .. with the structure,feel and stuff... so went ahead with that name...

  • IR : Could you please also introduce the other three members of the band ?

Abijith : We have Anshuman on guitars, Madhav on bass and Manu on Drums... We've been in different bands before all different genres, bringing all our different influences, as one gave birth to a unique sound of Escher's Knot ! :)

  • IR : Why did you choose rock, and especially Death Metal Rock, to express yourself ?

Abijith : We just don't need any reason... We are all listening to metal and playing metal from a long time now... I think it just came out like that we didn't pick and choose ! :) It's in our blood with the amount of alcohol and other substances ;)

  • IR : Who are the artists, singers, bands, you admire, in India or in western world ? Which ones do you consider as real influences for you ?

Abijith : We have a whole variety of influences from tool to decapitated, Jamiroquai to Indian classical to Dying foetus... bands like Nevermore, Tool, Meshuggah, Textures have been a major influence.

  • IR : Is it easy for you in India, in Tamil Nadu, to play rock music and have an audience ? Who comes to listen to you and who buys and listens to your songs ?

Abijith : In fact the metal scene in India is starting to grow nowadays. In Chennai it's not much yet ! Still we have a selected set of audience but whenever we play we get a good turn up and we are happy that they enjoy it too !

  • IR : Your music, we can say, is very powerful, rough, violent and very different from what we are used to in Indian music (classical or filmi geet...) : do you consider Escher's Knot as an Indian, or Tamil, rock band anyway ? Or what else ?

Abijith : There are lots of good bands who play similar kind of music here in INDIA ! You can say there is an uprising scene of metal here... And the new wave of Indian metal is shooting up in a fast rate of which we are just a small part. This country has got loads of talent. Bands have started touring abroad and stuff !

  • IR : If we pay attention to your lyrics, we notice that you propose thoughts about life, death, about the world... nothing really personal... Is it right ? Is it a way to show you want to use your songs for something beyond personal matters, something universal ?

Abijith : Yeah  there are lots of books and movies and art which has inspired me to write those songs... I don't decide prior to writing as to what I have to write about. I just let my thoughts flow of things which I come across.

  • IR : Could you please, as an example, explain the meaning of one of your songs (maybe "Anonymous Origins", or any other) ?

Abijith : "Anonymous Origins" is inspired by the movie "Fourth Kind" which is about alien abduction and stuff... so its about that.. :)

  • IR : What is your message to our French readers ?

Abijith : Lately we have been told that we have similar sound as Gojira... haha ! So if u guys like Gojira and the similar music, do check out our stuff... You can order our stuff from cdrack.in or headbangers.in.

  • IR : And what are your plans for future ?

Abijith : We have already started writing new material... So working on our full length album which should be out this year end.

  • IR : If u have anything to add, feel free...

Abijith : Indian metal has got loads of talent and shooting up briskly ! Do check out www.headbangers.in, The flaming skull podcast and indianrockmp3.com. Thanks for your valuable time in interviewing us :) Keep it metal!!

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"Anonymous Origins"

How could they remember what they've forced us to forget?
the truth ,I'm God.
I believe.It was Hopelessness
It can pretend to be.
Whats more to come or even worse..
This is so surreal..
This state of conciousness.

Does nt matter what u dont believe so far
i've to keep the hope alive,
These voices haunt me from the skies,
Never ending hopes of cries.
I dont know why?

No matter how much I try
sworn to this scars till i die.

Life levels all men,Death reveals the eminent
with time changing constant
anonymously existant!

No matter how much I try
sworn this scars till it draws nigh.
but they eventually leave it weak and powerless


they leave it weak and powerless

Life levels all men,Death reveals the eminent
with time changing constant
anonymously existant!

How could they know?
Remember what they've forced us to forget?
the truth ,I'm God.
I believe.It was Hopelessness
relief to my tried soul

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Escher's Knot en audio

   Nous vous suggérons la page du groupe sur Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/eschersknot.

   Voici également un morceau en audition directe : cliquer ici.

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Escher's Knot en vidéo

Le morceau "Up For Nothing", enregistré en live :


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